New Orleans Riverwalk

NOLA Tropical Winery at the Riverwalk

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The Riverwalk, 500 Port of New Orleans Place, Suite 144, New Orleans, Louisiana, 70130 (map)
Monday-Sunday 10am-9pm
Sunday 10am-7pm
*Note: Tasting room is 21+

Enjoy Fruit Wines in our Tropical Tasting Room

What’s better than relaxing with a glass of delicious wine after strolling through the French Quarter? Visit our New Orleans location in the newly-renovated Riverwalk for a selection of refreshing fruit wines and a unique wine tasting experience. Whether you are new to fruit wines or simply enjoy wine tastings, you are sure to love the NOLA Tropical Winery tasting room in New Orleans.

We carry more than 40 fruit wine varieties - citrus, berry, and stone fruit wines as well as specialty wines and traditional wines. Our knowledgeable staff will help you with identify taste profiles and choose wines for food pairings and other uses. Taste them all and then enjoy a glass or two of your favorites!

The Wine Smoothie - New Orleans' Most Unique Daiquiri

In addition to a selection of fruit and traditional wines, NOLA Tropical Winery offers wine smoothies, a delicious daiquiri alternative. Wine smoothies - a combination of fruit wine, fresh fruit, smoothie mix, and ice - are a cool and refreshing treat.

Wine by Sweetness

Wine by Color